Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Musharraf family in an exclusive interview

Aaj TV conducted an exclusive interview with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and his family, with special focus on his mother, on the eve of mother’s day.
Musharraf was accompanied by his mother and wife during the show. The show commenced and the host asked Musharraf as to who his first learning institution was? Musharraf was quick to respond that his mother was his guiding light and his first learning institution with his profession being the second.
Musharraf further admitted that the military profession did not allow him too much time with his family, although he visited his mom and dad on weekends.
“Pervez has been much closer to me than my other children,” stated Musharraf’s mother.
Explaining Musharraf’s attributes, Musharraf’s mother stated that he (Musharraf) had leadership qualities since his childhood. “No one used to start an event or play any game until Pervez’s arrival, everyone looked up to him for his guidance,” stated Musharraf’s mother.
Musharraf proclaimed that his mother played a pivotal role in deciding his career.
When asked as to why he received a worldwide protocol and security, Musharraf replied that he considered it to be because of his standing and his stature and he contributed all of that to be as a result of serving Pakistan.
Musharraf’s mother was asked about her immediate reaction after listening to the assassination attempt on her son, she replied that she got really perturbed and prayed for his safety.
She further stated that she was glad to see him safe, later to find him leaving the house after changing his clothes. “I never asked him about why he was going again, because he has the habit of not taking anybody’s advice,” stated Musharraf’s mother.
Musharraf’s mother, during the interview, uttered that her son was really fond of his soldiers and loved them as his own family.
With respect to the Siachen incident, Musharraf declared it to be a heartrending avalanche, He stated that he was deeply grieved about the incident but the area is really dangerous with several incidences of avalanches.
“I have also served there as well; having 6 of my soldiers also trapped to one such avalanche. Unfortunately it is really difficult to survive such an avalanche because once you are buried under it, you freeze to death,” stated Musharraf.
“I just want to say that the area’s nature is totally unfriendly, the Indians suffer more loss as compared to us though they spend more too,” said Musharraf.
With respect to the evacuation from the troubled glacier, Musharraf stated, “A political resolution or compromise should be reached between Pakistan and India; but if people say that Pakistan should withdraw their troops from Sichen excusing that the area is worthless; they should be informed that no area of our country is worthless. This is our land, no one can take it from us and no body gives his land to anybody else. We ourselves are a power, we have an identity and we should not submit ourselves to such conditions.”
Musharraf reiterated that a mutual resolution with respect to the evacuation of troops should be agreed between the two countries in order to avoid any future events from occurring.
Musharraf claimed that it is not an easy job to govern a country; Musharraf stated that he worked for approximately 14 to 16 hours, with no holidays except a rare Turkey tour, during his term as the President of Pakistan.
With respect to governing Pakistan, Musharraf said that Pakistan has great potential; a leader governing the country should have honesty, transparency and hard working ability to run the country. Musharraf classified all these to be the basic ingredients that are needed in order to govern the country.
“Musharraf is a good singer, he sings pretty well whenever insisted to sing,” said Musharraf’s mother.
“He just knows a few songs of Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh and Mehdi Hasan,” said Sahiba Musharraf.
Musharraf’s mother was full of praise for her son and termed him as her most devoted and loving son.


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